I paint to order, rare is there stock painted on hand....( soemtimes I wish that too LOL ).
Designs by Barbara Smith.
I illustrate & they are translated into
unique designed hand painted buttons, decorations & on occasions brooches
Sometimes they will be stitching designs for short selling periods...
  other times I design stories around a button or a series of buttons....
My pleasure is derived from inspiring others to capture the creative spirit of finding their own way by planting the seeds of projects with my button & decorations
I am an Australian designer celebrating 20 years of designing in October 2016 for 
Australian & International shops & individual customers
as well as working with other  select designers.
I work with an amazing Australian machinist... who takes my illustrations into the realm of wood
I paint every button & decoration from the illustrations I dream up....
Some of the designers I work with as the spirit takes us are Marg Low, Anni Downes, Fiona Ransley, Sara Guermani
who turn the buttons & decorations into more magic projects.!!!
I love what I do !
All of my designs are copyright internationally as well as Australia from where I draw the original ...
from what
I collect the in life's experience...
From the awakening in my soul
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PHONE  Australia 03 54479484
INTERNATIONAL   61 354479484